The goal is to retire in five years then travel and work some more:):) I consider working from home fun. it is time to turn the fun into a growing and sustainable income. Come join me in the journey.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Goals for this blog day 2 ish ok 3 :)

This blog is designed to teach people with a very basic knowledge of the Internet how to
earn money from home by creating and actively building their own Blogs and Websites.
Some people actually consider working on the Internet a lazy person’s job, this is not the
case at all, and personally I am looking for a sense of peace and freedom in my life away
from all the drama and politics of the corporate world.

Please do not let the negative people get you down, with positive thoughts come positive
results and vise versa. There will always be people who try to rain on your parade expect
this, and be prepared to ignore them with a smile. The old kill them with kindness attitude
is what is needed.

I have a final reason for doing this blog/book; I have a fantastic family and a wonderful
group of friends. A number of members of my inner circle have expressed an interest in
learning about the making a living on the Internet. In the past I have tried to explain the
whole process, and have been bombarded with questions.

This blog is a running diary of my
goal to reach $75.00 in sustainable reoccurring income per day. Our second goal will be
$100.00 per day up until we hit $275.00 per day. This will put us at 100k per year US
dollars. Once we reach a comfortable level of income I will start slowly and cautiously
investing in some of our blog topics. For example I have always wanted to have a self
supporting backyard garden, that was big enough to produce enough food for my family and the
local food bank and also have enough left over to sell at a roadside stand in front of my

Each of us has a different level of comfort and also a different level of debt so
the decision will be yours to make when you start to invest in your side businesses.
I suggest you stick with me through the whole process right up until $275.00 per day.

At some time in the near future I will offer a weekly free email and monthly newsletter with all
the updated information for the week in them. We are going to use sound content and search
engine optimization techniques. This is doable people :):)

Peace Rl