The goal is to retire in five years then travel and work some more:):) I consider working from home fun. it is time to turn the fun into a growing and sustainable income. Come join me in the journey.

Friday, January 26, 2007

One step at a time to marketing success

Finally, after seven years I discovered the formula for success.

Do what I love.

Focus on one thing at a time till completion

Learn to work alone and like it, recognize bad partnerships early.

Realize 97% of people do not have the follow through to make a business successful.

Find the other 3% and bring as many of the other 97% with me, without loosing my shirt or mind.

Focus on the core components of marketing, Articles, Press releases, networking, internet marketing, forums, multiple websites, help others when we can.

Make a plan and follow it through.

You we, everyone can do it.


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