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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

100 things we will learn about over the next 5 years. Lets rock

How to choose a topic.This is one of the biggest lessons I had to learn. In order for me to be really successful at a business endeavor I must be doing something I enjoy or strongly believe in. For example I enjoy helping people when possible and also enjoy Internet technology such as Blogs.

By writing this I experience the best of both worlds.Go with your heart. Ask your self this question what do you do on your day off for fun? What would you enjoy doing even if it was for free?

I can not stress this point enough, Make a list of your favorite hobbies or technology you are really interested in. Try to make the list on what you enjoy most with number one and work your way up to number ten. One is the activity you enjoy the most and would do for free.Here is my top one hundred list.

Take a night and dream. You can do it your destiny is in your hands.

1. Learning and writing about how to make money using Blogs.
2. Learning and writing about Search Engine Optimization.
3. Learning and writing about Website design.
4. Learning and writing about Affiliate Internet Marketing.
5. Learning and writing about Joint business Ventures.
6. Learning and writing about Self help and Personal Improvement.
7. Learning and writing about Alternative Medicine.
8. Learning and writing about Back Yard Gardening.
9 Learning and writing about Home based business learning to live off the land using the Metleiger Method Gardening.
10. Other Home business options.
11. Learning and writing about how make jeweler at home from rocks you can find for free.
12. Learning and writing about how to make money Stunt riding.
13. Learning and writing about how to make money performing surveys, is it possible.
14. Learning and writing about how to make money Ornamental landscaping.
15. Learning and writing about how to plant long tern crops such as Ginseng and black walnut trees.
16. Learning and writing about buying properties to rent.
17. Learning and writing about buying land for development.
18. Learning and writing about how to maximize your tax deductions legally.
19. Learning and writing about how to make contact with key decision makers at companies to work with.
20. Learning and writing about how to build small structures you do not need a building permit for and mid sized you do need a permit for.
21. How to restore Ford Mustangs
22. How to restore Chevy Camarros
23. What about making money on eBay
24. How to start a used car dealership for family use and show tours.
25. How to start a greenhouse business.
26. How to start a mini winery.
27. How to start a mini brewery.
28. How to power your home using Solar Power
29. How to buy a Used Recreational Vehicles.
30. How to buy a Used Boat.
31. How to buy a used Motorcycle.
32. How to find a charity to donate time to.
33. How to find an honest charity to donate money to.
34. How to restore Corvettes.
35. How to live an environmentally friendly life.
36. Quantum Physics explained.
37. Histories Greatest people of peace.
38. Histories Greatest people of philosophy.
39. Histories Greatest warriors.
40. How to drive fast in a car safely.
41. So you want to be Jill or Bond, James Bond.
42. How you can help yourself by helping others.
43. Histories greatest writers.
44. The theory of evolution.
45. The theory of religion.
46. Distance education, the wave of the future.
47. Internet communication tools.
48. Oh no online dating Help.
49 Education years 0-10
50 Education years 11-20.
51. Home schooling.
52. Finding peace in your life.
53. My guess on the future of the world ecologically.

54 Great travel destinations.
55. The best racetracks in the word56. Sports Base ball, Basketball, Football, Hockey.57. Motosports. (Non motorcycle)58. GP and F1, MP motorcycle racing.

59. How to start your own news agency.60. The power of positive thinking.61. How to learn from experts in your field for free. (CS)62. Education years 21-150.63. Building an excellent memory.64. Physical health and working out. (CS)65. Martial Arts.66. Poetry.67. Pets.

68. Home Computer Automation.69. Building small wood working projects Birdhouses etc. (CS)

70. Life prolonging technology.71. Finding the love of your life.72. How to forgive and the power.73. Working with family the pros and cons.74. North American Parks75 European Castles.76. Music77. Smell78. Cooking79. Survival tips if you are lost.80. Orienteering/Map reading.

81. Camping outdoors.82. Storing food long-term.83. So you want to play blackjack?
84. How to become a single engine pilot.
85. How to build a log cabin.86. How to find water if you are stranded.
87. How to find real-estate with unique geological properties.88. The ancient wonders of the world. (CS)

89. Does a 30 year career exist at a big company in today and the futures society?
90. How to harvest trees from your land.91. How to harvest minerals from your land (mid and large scale).

92. How to create water and Zen gardens93. Yard beautification on the cheap.94. Room by room home make over on the cheap.95. How to prepare gourmet meal ahead of time.

96. The ultimate party for friends and family.97 Planning a party for business associates.98. Spicing up the love life.99. Up and coming technology and gadgets.100. Digital photography and video.

101. Your choice now go for it. YOU are the one who decides your success or failure from this day forward.

Just pick one and go for it . Heck we are ahead of schedule by 36 hours lets do it.

Peace R.L. Clifford


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