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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Time to start our first blog

Ok bit of a delay because I did not follow my things to do list. If there is one thing that will determine my personal success it is following my list.

Each Sunday night I do a things to do list for the following week, PLEASE do the same, minutes turn to hours and hours to days, time management is crucial

Ok goto the first thing we want to do is sign up for an account.

Choose "Create account"

Please enter an easy to remember username and password, the email address you use should be dedicated to your blog, this will also help you keep organized. If you do not have an extra email address I suggest using and creating a free emai account. They offer 1gb free storage space and allow you to send files as large as 10 mb.

Ok enter your email and check the box marked aree to terms of service. (read first)

Click on continue the next page you see will ask you to name your blog.

Go to your list of keywords and choose a term in your niche. Try entering it into the name box and see if it is available. Do not be suprised to see that it is not. Keep trying till you get a good name with one or two of your keywords in it. The KEY is to make the name make sence so it is easy to remember, if this means using a keyword lower on your list so be it.

At all times our goal is to write naturally as we normally would the list of keywords is suggestions of words to use. ONLY use your keywords where they make sence. Do Not try to cram a tone of KW into your writing, not only will it raise a flag with the search engines it will also make your readers never come back.

OK we found a good available blog name hit continue at the bottom and lets pick a template.

Please take a few minutes grab a cold (or warm) drink and take a look at the templates pick the one you like the best and fits your niche if possibel. Do not worry you can change the template with a click of a button in the future if you like.

Select your template and click finish, we are now ready to start posting :):)


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