The goal is to retire in five years then travel and work some more:):) I consider working from home fun. it is time to turn the fun into a growing and sustainable income. Come join me in the journey.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Making a living online day 1

Hi everyone and happy holidays to the world.

Been doing this Internet thing for about 5 years and figure it is time to focus on earning some dependable and sustaintainable income.

My goal is to retire in five years. I will be fourty something at that point:).

It is very possible to do this and over the next 5 years I will document it for anyone who wants to read it and follow along.

Frankly there is alot of B.S. programs on the net over the last 5 years I have sifted through a very lage number of them, now it's time to put that experience to work.

I am debating on allowing comments because a blog I started awhile back got flooded with blog comment Spax.

Most likely will be doing posts twice a day, its cool because it is like a clean slate a new begining, anyone who is reading this is welcome to follow along.

Peace and happy holdays to everyone.