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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My long term goals what are yours

I rambled on the other day on a Search Engine Optimization blog that I read daily.

I went to an online church service and watched Bulletproof Monk that day so it got me thinking :):)

As corny as it sounds this is what my goals are:

Being able to afford to be on a beach somewhere with a wireless laptop, helping great non profits spread information about themselves to the world.

I would all so like to be roadracing motorcycles again by then (any sponsors out there:)) Yes i would have to race in the “seniors” class :)

Here is my top 7 things I want to help with

Helping to provide people with knowledge so they can help themselves.

Clean water to drink
No more war
Communication between people so they can see we are all the same, the same fears, goals, and ideas.

Here is something to think about:
“If not for myself who am I”
“If not for others what am I”

Author unknown

In the words of Jim from the Food for everyone foundation “It feels good to do good”

Some of the best minds in Internet marketing in the WORLD read this blog. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what you can do to help. It feels good to help and frankly it helps me atleast to deal with all the BS from bad people/greedy biz people. I know I am serving a higher purpose.


I look at it this way if the comment gets some of the best minds in SEO to perhaps donate some time or cash to a non profit doing good it is well worth a little egg on my face.

Speak your mind And heart and people will listen they might not like what they hear but it will atleast make them think. I dont know about you but I am tired of being a corporate Zombie or a person making other people rich. (ok done venting)

There is a way to help good people who help others and still keep the electric on and sit on the beach :) That is what this is all about.