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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Twitter lesson on Change the World U

Why passion is the key to online sucess

“The biggest mistake people make in life is not trying to make a living at doing what they most enjoy.”

Malcolm S. Forbes

Key questions to ask yourself. These question help you define the “what” you will be building web properties about and as equally important the “why” you are going to build them. The fire and drive which will greatly determine your success.

(See my answers below)

1. Do you want to live life or just exist? Are you a follower or do you want to control your own destiny?

2. What is the hobby you would do if you had enough money to retire comfortably right now? What would you do everyday?

3. Do you want to build a business you can pass on to your family or loved ones?

4. Are you willing to invest 15-20 hours a week into building your online presence for 12-24 months initially?

5. Are you willing to openly involve your loved ones. Have you considered is there a mutual subject you both or all love doing?

6. Are you willing to Network with help and learn from a Non-Profit in your niche?

The point is if you start your online business about a subject you love your road will be less bumpy. Most people jump online and try to sell Internet Marketing products. What is wrong with this idea? First they have no idea about the subject second when they do not make any income they begin to feel all the IM info is hogwash so they get dejected and quit.

Build your first 2-5 we properties about subjects you love then take the IM knowledge you have learned and create sites about Internet Marketing

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