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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Progress update

Well due to me slacking a bit I am about 15 days behind schedule.

I took long look in the mirror and had to be honest with myself there are two reasons I am behind schedule.

1. Lack of a specific things to do list for each week.

2. Poor attitude, I get the most enjoyment helping the Food for Everyone Foundation develope their website and helping them with Search Engine Optimization. I started a blog for people to learn about Gardening

The gardening Blog will focus two fold first on the Foundation and getting more donations so they can continue the excellent work they do. Second the founder and I will be starting up an affiliate program to resell the Foundation Gardening products. We estimate the payout will be fifteen percent of each sale and I will feature it on this blog as one of the programs we are participating in to make a living online.

It is so important to do one or two things each day to build upon each other.

My longwinded point is I will live and die based on my Things to do list.

Ok well the Steelers won :)