The goal is to retire in five years then travel and work some more:):) I consider working from home fun. it is time to turn the fun into a growing and sustainable income. Come join me in the journey.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The truth about working online

Well Ladies and Gents, after 5 years I can tell you this.

There IS NO magic lightswitch you can flick there is no "silver bullet" to immediate success.

Think of how you can tie your traditional marketing into your Internet marketing and vise versa.

To make good money you must create a marketing mix there is no one technique alone that will make you good money online.

Build your marketing foundation strong, alwayssssss carry biz cards, if possible get a 1-800 number, connect and help Non-Profits in your area, submitt press releases any time you have legit news this is important, use the tools you have online such as the SEOBOOK and We build pages free tools, think about how your product or service can benefit shools around you and contact them, hold monthly freebies of digital products use this to build your email list. These are just a few examples, I finally got my Shi. together.