The goal is to retire in five years then travel and work some more:):) I consider working from home fun. it is time to turn the fun into a growing and sustainable income. Come join me in the journey.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Time management and focus the keys to success

Time management and focus are the keys to success.
I figured it was important to give people a few more days to pick their first topics they want to write about, this is a very important decision so choose wisely and go with what you love doing.
I found myself reliving old bad habits specifically jumping headfirst into this without proper preparation and focus; this will be a huge problem as the weeks and months go by.

There are a number of things which will determine your success,
1. Focus on your topic area
2. Writing and posting to your website or blog daily.
3. Dedication and follow through daily.
4. Choosing good relevant affiliate programs to sell to your readers as well as utilizing Google Adsence and other like programs.
5. Proper promotion of your blog or website.
6. Networking with other sites in your niche topic area.
7. Finding the best people to work with.

For example you dedicate one hour a day to write and upload articles about your blog area of interest or "niche" and you dedicate 30 minutes a day to finding relevant and related affiliate products you can also sell on your blog.

Then on the weekends you spend an hour each day promoting your site or blog using directories and also contacting potential websites which compliment (NOT compete) with your site.
Personally I have a goal to retire on 1/1/2011 approx five years from now. Is this goal possible? Yes it is.

This manual and blog is the live diary of my goal to achieve freedom from the man holding me down. I have been blessed with a wonderful family and group of friends my goal is to spend more time with them ongoing.

Our first goal was to choose of our favorite topics we want to create Blogs about. From this list choose two topics, remember the two you enjoy doing the most.

You will have good writing days and bad writing days expect this to happen and don’t let it bother you. When I get a writers block I go and research or partake in one of my other blog areas of interest. For example going out and working in the garden always helps me.

One of the beauties of a blog or website is it can work for anyone with Internet access, if you are shy and want to use a pen name I see nothing wrong with that at all. A wise owl once called that flying under the radar. Many of the world’s greatest writers Stephen King for example wrote under a different name until they got their writing legs underneath them.

If writing under a pen name allows you to fully express yourself they I say go for it, remember to disallow people to see your email via the blogger dashboard. Another thing make sure you make people entr the security code and that you have to approve posts. (We will cover this tech stuff in the How to create a Blog/Blogger dashboard section)

OK let’s get organized. I suggest you create a folder on your desktop for each blog you are doing. You can do this by putting your mouse arrow on any open area on your desktop. Once you do this click on the right mouse button, this will bring up a pull down menu, select NEW then click on FOLDER.

Once the Folder is on the desktop right click on it and select rename, call it whatever your blog or website is about, in future examples I will be using my new vegetable gardening blog. So I simply name it Gardening blog.

The next step is to create an email folder for correspondence I am using Yahoo so I simply open my Yahoo email go to the left side of the screen and select NEW under folders. I then name the folder gardening blog.

In the future please move any gardening related emails into the gardening email folder and so on. When you find a website that you want to quote or gather (i.e. rewrite the information in your own words NEVER copy other peoples work not only is this plagiarism you can also get a "duplicate content" penalty from Google. (This will be covered under the SEO lessons in the comming days)

If you do use other people information such as an article make sure you include the writers resource box at the bottom of the article. (This will be covered in the "Help I can’t or hate to write what should I do lesson in the coming weeks).

Please go ahead and create the two folders as I described above. Tomorrow we will take your topic and find what terms are a synonym using the Google sets tool and also

Do not worry every step will be shown using a real life example I created using my Gardening blog. This way if you have questions you can take a look at it.
One favor I do ask of you all, please promote this blog and my Gardening blog by putting a link to them on your blogs. I will have specific "anchor text" which you can copy and paste into your blog or site. (Anchor text will be covered in the SEO lesson which by the way will be ongoing and will be one of the topics of one of my Blogs or Sites in the near future.)
My gardening blog will be based on a OUTSTANDING gardening method from

Till 2morrow
Peace R.L.