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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Keyword selection lesson

Keyword selection.

In the old days of the Internet you could , cram your webpage full of your keuwords and in turn start to rank well for them. Well like most things on the Net people took advantage of the situation to the point where the term "keyword xpamming" was coined.
Today the focus is on quality versus quantity. The most important thing to do is write high quality and highly relevant articles. Is is important to use your keywords? Yes it is however, the quality of your article is as important as using the appropriate keywords.
OK let’s go through a real life example using the following tools:

With the first tool we will determine the keywords we should use that are related to our subject area or "niche" in this example the keyword we will start off with the keyword "Gardening".
Let’s go to GKW and download the program (for free).

OK are you done downloading the program? Great let us move forward then.
Enter your keyword I am going to enter the term Gardening and select the Overture US network, Let’s see what the program suggests.

The following are the suggestion GKW gave me along with how many people searched for the term last month on the Yahoo Overature network:

gardening 139374
gardening organic 10781
gardening tool 9374
container gardening 8767
gardening hydroponics 7070
gardening gift 6836
gardening supply 5900
gardening tip 4894
gardening gloves 4849
gardening promotion site web 3629
gardening vegetable 3364
gardening indoor 3149
flower gardening 2754
catalog gardening 2344
gardening home 2312
gardening idea 1719
gardening water 1620
accessory gardening 1612
gardening herb 1595
equipment gardening 1512
book gardening 1447

Thank you to:

What good does it do us to use a term that is only searched for 20 times a month? We want the top 10 search terms in our niche. We also want to collect other terms that are lower on the list, these terms are reffered to as the "long tail" in SEO circles. It is important to use both the top terms and some of the bottom ones but ONLY where they make sense. Remember we are going for quality.

Please copy and paste your list into a document I called mine Gardening keywords.
OK next we create a blog on Blogger.

Future resources please bookmark Google SEO employee, good reading seems like a mellow dude. Aaron writes in my opinion the single best book/manual on Search Engine Optimization, The really amazing thing is he answers questions. Check back on a daily basis or put him on your My Yahoo page. (See below) Jim is one of the top five in the world in Internet Marketing, another daily read. Dan has created a fantastic resource he list directories which you can submitt your website or blog to. These incomming resources are important so your site can get indexed by the search engines and also potential traffic and exposure.
We are going to set up our first blog (finally sorry lost focus for a few days) on 1/14/06 Dont worry with the tools and information already gathered we can cut through the BS and get to the daily tasks which will start making quickly. Sign up for this excellent free product, this allows you to group all the blogs and websites you want to check daily onto one simple page. Good stuff Yahoo

Talk you u soon Peaceee